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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

Want to see the flyers at their new home?

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**let me set the record straight**

-The flyers has a totally new dual PLC system for faster start and quicker stops.

-The speed of the flyers are basically the same, if not faster

please explain to me how having two plcs or even having one can make the ride start or stop any faster...

or maybe you are only repeating what someone else told you, therefore you have no idea what you are saying when you reply.


I think I heard someone say that it has a braking system now.

It stops very quickly compared to the old system.

Which helps capacity, but I'm sure hurts your amount of snapping time on the ride.

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Anyone else up for a road trip to show those North Carolininians how to snap?

Yeah -- Tom and I were teasing the idea of bringing some of the best snappers on PKIC (which may be some of the best in the world) down to Carowinds to run a tutorial.

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Yes I agree with you they need a flat lands for cool flat rides flyers , kangaroo,whell of fortune, tilt o whirl etc. and quit taking out rides.

Maybe we'll see if they can start keeping old rides one day.

Also there is a company that makes new flyers or american eagles"scooters"

Maybe we'll get a new version in 06 or 07 With the biggest capacity yet.

and while were on this subject! Check out kennywood.com they have a new ride in 06 looks cool!

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Tuskin I don't understand how Carowinds "ruined" the ride?

From reports from this very site, I've read a review that said it actually was running BETTER at Carowinds than it did at PKI.

Is it the paint job, or what that you so dislike?

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The paint job looks terrible compared to the classic design that was on them before they got sent to Carowinds. The best part was when I rode with my sister, who's 2 years younger than me. As we swung around, I'd purposely steer away from the direction we were travelling in, causing us to swing outward and narrowly avoid smacking into nearby trees, then swooping back inward and narrowly avoiding crashing into the ground. I had a blast, although my sister didn't think it was too funny laugh.gif

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the ride is running great at PC...

btw, they do let you snap, actually the ride ops enjoy it

as for the paint job - who cares if they desecrated it, the ride is what matters and it is running fine...

i'm sorry you all for having to lose such a great ride.. you should come down to carowinds and ride it again... they've let us snap all season, we're just praying that they won't take it away from us

as for the motor, as mentioned earlier, its a bigger motor however they will maintain the same speed as the older motor.

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