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Well Paramount Parks Design and Entertainment used to do the shows. But they quite doing live shows a couple seasons ago, and I believe it was up to the parks to come up with their own shows. Someone who works in the Entertainment department at PKI might be able to shed more light on this than me.

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There are quite a few companies that the park has done business with over the past few years (Since PPD&E was disbanded) The major company is IO Productions, this a local Cincinnati based company that has produced Tuned IN! VIBE, Young Country, and Pulse. Star Search and other Karaoke shows have been produced in-house by the Entertainment staff. The company that produced Magic of the Movies was a company named Show Concepts. Spellbound was produced by a Las Vegas company (I don't remember their name) and Forbidden Magic was produced by Zigmont (The magician). I am not sure who is producing this years School of Rock show.

Hope that helps. Also IO Productions has put their shows in other Paramount Parks as well....and the company is made up of former Kings Island Entertainment staff.

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(Thought I might throw this in, it is a show!)

The first year of Fearfest was produced by the Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company... under the direction of Lynton V. Harris. Remember the The Freezer, Museum of Horrors, The Mummy... it was a good show that year.

Then PKI purchased a 3D haunted attraction from Larry Kirchner and Halloween Productions (www.halloweenproductions.com)... Of course this is the Circus of Horrors attraction (by the way, that is the PKI name, the real name of the haunt is "TerrorVisions in 3D"!).

PKI also purchased some haunt units from Leonard Pickel, CEO of Elm Street Productions (www.elmstreetentertainment.com). This would be the Curse of the Crypt (maybe), The House of Darkness and the Maze of Madness.

As far as I know, PKI has built there own trail using props from older attractions and products available to the haunt industry. For doing there own haunt, PKI does a trail very well.

Now in 2004, PKI purchased Sleepy Hollow Horror from Oak Island Productions (www.oakislandinc.com) from Tampa FL. Along with this attraction, several products where purchased and added to other haunts.

The movies at the Action FX theater came from Simex-Iwerks (www.simex-iwerks.com). I think it is safe to say that Elviras was better than the castle!

Many of the new animations in '04 where purchased through Oak Island Productions and Distortions Ltd. (www.distortionsonline.com)

Hope that helps with some info on Fearfest, afterall.... it is a PKI show as well!! -Hauntguy

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'School of rock'. so is that what the show is called this year?

I'm not gonna get all anoying to u guys...I'm jw.

haha so is this show gonna be like 'tuned in' was last year? and will it be at the International Showplace? I know I'm probabaly anoying you but I'm very interested in the whole music-danceing kinda stuff.....and I love seeing shows and stuff with people in it that share my interest and all.....only they are actully getting somewhere with it. so it remeinds me that I can too!

so please reply with the answers to my questions and it will be much apreciated!

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I worked the carts on Int'l Street (Emporium cart that was moved right next to the Showplace stage) and the "Tuned In!" production was ok the first few times, but got a little irritating after a while. This was due, in part, to the lack of singing talent in my opinion.

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Also as an update to the list I had earlier this years shows are produced as follows:

Tuned In! & CMT's Turn it UP! are produced by IO Productions

Star Search Live! is produced in-house by PKI's steller Entertainment Team

School of Rock is produced by HeartBeat Productions.

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