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Brand New Italian Job Video & Historical Photos!


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PKICentral.com in our continuation of bringing you the highest of quality content brings you an almost 14 minute video of the Italian Job: Stunt Track Tour, which took place this past Friday. If you missed the tour, this video puts you there without skipping a beat.

Also in this update are brand new unseen historical photographs of Kings Island's 1973 season contributed by our own PKI_Diana. These top-notch photos include an awesome photo of Zodiac and Shake Rattle and Roll. Also a SkyJumper, Hot Air balloons, and the Kings Island inflatable theater that used to be located where the Paramount Story currently resides.

Click here for a direct link to the Video Showcase!

Click here for a direct link to the new photos!

Also don't forget to check out the stills from the tour in our massive Photo Gallery!

Since the park opening is right around the courner, right now is a GREAT time to order a PKICentral.com White T-Shirt!

I am also updating some other random areas of the site.

Keep your browser locked on PKICentral.com, the #1 source for Paramount's Kings Island!

UPDATE: Sobrider has also contributed a video about the tour. This video merges the computer generated promo video and the tour. With all the whitty humor that those who know Pat is used to. Video can be viewed by clicking here! (right click, save as...)

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At the end of the video someone asked about new menu items this year. We are getting several new dining options

~Happy Days Diner in the old Tuckers

~Graters in the old beanie babies store

~Chickfila in the old Magilla Gorilla's grill

~Donuts in the old UDF

~a new Mexican food place in the old Manderin restaurant

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