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Theater at bush Gardens

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Has anyone ever been in the 3d theater at Bush Gardens in Tampa ? I forget what it is called but Its really neat, I went to Bush Gardens in 03 and watch it. Its like our Fx theater except the seats dont move, but its in 3D and you get water squrted at you and stuff, it is great. Like on the one we were waqtching the guy was spitting out water and when he did we all got wet. and when there was mice coming out, it felt like they were under out feet. it was about a haunted light house. it was awsome. I wish PKI would get something like this. Maybe change one side of the theater to be like this.

rolleyes.gif Jennifer

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I haven't been to the one in Tampa but I did go to the one similar to it when there used to be a Sea World in Ohio. It was about pirates but it was the same with the spitting water and stuff. It was pretty fun, but I personally like the moving seats in the FX theature better, although a combination of both rides would be cool.

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I'm assuming you saw "R.L. Stine's Haunted Lighthouse" because 03' was the year Bush Gardens Tampa Bay replaced Dolphin Theater with the Timbucktu Theater (4D Theater). I saw it, the show was pretty good (about on par with "Pirates", the show thejoker8388 was talking about) but the theater was exceptionally nice (and hugh) laugh.gif


Your in luck my friend as SimEx-Iwerks, the company that created PKI's Turboride system, worked with the creators of Back to the Future... The Ride and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, and created a new Turboride system that has the 4D effects in the seats and they call it 5D (how original) rolleyes.gif I sure wish PKI would upgrade their 3D side to 5D!

On a subnote, has anyone seen "The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera" that used to reside at Universal Studio Florida? I think before PKI rids themselves of everything Hanna-Barbera they should put this show in the 2D side of the Paramount Action F/X Theater (why not go out with a bang?) biggrin.gif

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