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Old Restaurants

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Just so everyone knows where everything used to be...The parenthesis shows what the location is now.

Preston T Tuckers [Happy Days Diner]

Sharkeys [ Crocadile Dundees Outback Shack ]

Oktoberfest Gardens [ Bubba Gumps Shrimp Shack]

Kafe Kilimanjaro [ Stunt Crew Grill ]

Sweet Tooth [ Subway ]

All Star [ Boarder Cafe' ]

Skips Bagels [ Boarder Cafe' ]

Manderin [ Boarder Cafe' ]

Chippery [ Bakery ]

Mexican Cantina [ Skyline Footlong Express ]

Magilla Gorilla's Grill [ Chick fil a ]

UDF [ Hollywood Mini Dounts ]

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The restaurant that replaces Mandarin Cuisine will serve Mexican food. Some of the "new" restaurants on the list serve essentially the same thing that the old ones served, with a couple new items (and the buildings got a little TLC as well). Kafe Kilamanjaro and Sharkey`s in Boomerang Bay stand out as two of these.

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Why did Chippery leave? I thought they did good business last season.

It's a long story, but to give you the short end of it, Bret had to make a business decision for his own reason, and he thought this would be best.

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Magilla Gorilla Grill served the exact same cheeseburgers that the ones at my school serves, the ones in the silver wrapper that says "cheeseburger" in yellow on it. I at least expect some higher quality food then what you would find in a school cafeteria. mad.gif

They were the same burgers we serve in the rest of the park. We just wrap them in those same wrapper...it appeals to the little kids I suppose.

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Chippery will be where the new Bakery will be located And the location where Graters is used to be a Merchandise Shop, I believe they sold Beanie Babies.

Greater's had been an active Merchandise location for many, many years. In recent times it has been Animal Fair and until 2001 the Toybox, both of which sold Beanie Babies. During 2002 the location got a makeover and became the Sanrio Store, but the location faltered and closed by July of that year. Perhaps it was the product selection, perhaps it was too many locations on the manager's plate, I don't know. Afterwards it became the staging area for Night Novelty Vending from mid-2002 to closing day of 2004, to once again reopen to the public as a Greater's.

And I miss Sharkey's, not so much for the food but moreso for Sentimental Reasons. It was one of the only areas of the Park where Merchandise and Food got along, and I liked the the paintings on my store's walls as well as Sharkey's wall advertising each others' locations.

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