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From Blueprints to Reality


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In his first video submitted to PKICentral.com. f5rollercoasters surprised us all by creating his video From Blueprints to Reality. Using video, and photos taken by himself and ourselves, he created this awesome video showcasing the Italian Job Stunt Track from beginning to testing. This is a must download. cowboy.gif

Video Showcase

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::critic steps in::

Ok, I cant say too much, since i use more pictures for my vidoes than anything else.


#1: Augest?

#2: it was a tad blurry in portions.

#3: Color Schemes...

Now I commend you on this,

the promo video was perfect where it was, and I Loved the Eagles Intermission. Kudos.

I do wish there was more on the actual testing portion, Im Dying here! More pictures, something!!

ha ha

Good Job f5, keep up the good work.


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Nice video! I like how you pieced together the testing video as if it were the same train. You should have included a shot of the train bursting out of the billboard as the final scene. What editing software to you use to create the video? All in all a very nice job!

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Again, nice work. I have uesed iMovie on my Mac exstensively. I have also used anothe editing program on the computers in the DAAP computer lab for a major video project spring quarter last year, but I can`t for the life of me remember it right now! That is bugging me too!

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F5, must say that that was an awsome movie. Have you thought about seeing if KI would use it??? I didnt see nothing wrong w /it all. I want to do the same thing for FOF, and a few other rides, but I cant edit movies, not like you did anyway. That must have took a lot of work. KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!! thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

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