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Lemony Snicket Star Arrives

Another Hollywood sight hits Ohio later this month as Liam Aiken, who played Klaus Baudelaire in the blockbuster hit, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events visits Paramount’s Kings Island. On Saturday, April 23rd Aiken will arrive at the park to visit and chat about his experience making the film during a VIP lunch with a series of radio and TV promotional winners. Immediately following, at 1:30pm, Liam will participate in an open forum at the Paramount Theater for a Question and Answer session with the public. Shortly thereafter, Aiken will also hang around at the Paramount Theater for a meet & greet and autograph session where park guests can get up close and personal with the star. For more information check out Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

PKI Now Hiring for 2005 Seasonal Positions

Don’t miss your ticket to fun...all season long! You can't beat all the fun that comes with a job at Paramount's Kings Island. It's the only job around where you'll enjoy your work as much as your days off! Visit PKI Jobs page to learn how you can become part of our team!

Roller Coasters Go To College

As I make travel arrangements to attend our first college visit to Miami of Ohio in Oxford, OH with our 17 year old son, Brian, I am hit with the question, "since we will be so close to King's Island, can we ride some coasters while we're there?" This question causes me to reflect on our first visit to King's Island fourteen years ago when the Scooby Zoom was our son's favorite ride. I remember standing along the fence watching him with the same apprehension all parents feel when they let their children do an activity for the first time. Little did we know that this would be the start of many summers of first time coaster rides - the first time he wanted to ride the coaster without a grown-up; the first time he was tall enough to ride a bigger coaster; the first time he could ride an upside-down coaster; the list goes on and on.

We have spent many summers traveling to amusement parks to ride this new coaster or that new coaster, but King's Island has remained a favorite in my son's eyes. Brian has a love for rollercoasters beyond the parks. Our computer has far too many 'build your own roller coaster/amusement park programs' installed on it. And, every physics project this year has had a coaster theme at its core. I can only hope that his passion for coasters continues through his college career as he is hoping to design and build coaster/thrill rides upon graduation from the college of his choice. Thank you King's Island for making our summers a blast and giving Brian direction for his future!

Louise D. from Crown Point, IN will receive two tickets to Paramount's King's Island. Winners are randomly selected. Submit your entry!

PKI Revises Ride Height Restrictions

As part of a continued effort to deliver a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests, PKI has made notable improvements to the park for the 2005 season. One of these improvements establishes new height requirements on various attractions throughout the park such as a minimum height of 40†for riders on attractions such as Congo Falls, Viking Fury, White Water Canyon and the popular kid’s coaster, Beastie. Please view the complete list of attractions and new height requirements to properly plan your next visit to the park.

Tell us about your trip to the park, win free tickets

Have you visited the Park already this spring? If so, we really want to know what you thought of the experience so we can make the park even better for your next visit. Plus, we'll enter you in our exclusive weekly drawing to win one of two pairs of free tickets to the Park. Visit our guest satisfaction survey.

Stay tuned for our next issue in two weeks!

Source: PKI E-Newsletter

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I`m sort of surprised it didn`t mention the possibility of IJST having technical rehearsals. But i have yet to receive my nesletter. Sometimes the UC email server has a significant time lag. Also, did the letter mention the Gold Pass Parties on the final two Friday`s in April from 5-10?

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