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just got back from the park, leaving it around 7:00. As I went into the gate at 5:30, they told me due to weather they might close early. At that time, it was perfectly sunny outside!

Headed straight for IJ:ST which was STILL testing! They had employees going thru all the steps. Checking bars, closing doors (By the way, the doors open automatically, but will be closed shut by the bar checker.)

This was a DOUBLE ride night. EVERYTHING was pretty much a double ride. I waited for front seat on Beast and when we got back to the station, the operator came on and said we were welcomed to stay for a second ride if we wished.

So 2 rides on Beast, both front seat. Worked for me! Headed to my softball game and found out when I got there that it was called off due to lighting in the area! Just my luck!

pkiboy, watch the wording you use! I ran into some people at the park who thought it was closed due to your post! They were smart enough to double check with the park itself just to make sure. But, unless you know for SURE it is closed, do NOT say that it is!

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Ya it was really nice until about 7:30. Pretty much no lines and sunny and warm and then we went to get on Delirium and then all of a sudden a big strike of lightning went across the sky and they closed all the rides. So we went and rode Flight of Fear really quick and by the time we got to the car it was raining likea hurricane. It was crazy how hard and fast the rain was coming down. The park closed at 8pm but it was a fun 3 hours.

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Ah... Virginia gets alot of Hurricanes in the summer. Like last year about 6 of them hit Virginia. And OMG Gaston flooded into my house and the creek the runs along next to me house litterally over flooded and came up the drive was about 6ft high! The road over flooded and everything! the flood pushed our cars everywhere around the yard... laster that afternoon it was still happening with crazy rain and one big part of the ground on out year got really saturated and the ground litterally broke open and a deep whole was left open in the morning. It was bad! But... i like hurricanes rolleyes.gif

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