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You might be a KI addict if you...

Captain Nemo

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Old topic I know, but it still remains fun:

You may a KI Addict if you've won employee of the month twice and you don't even work at the park.

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You might be a KI addict if you:

Kiss the ground on opening day

Have a countdown to opening day on you're computer

Log onto KICentral every day

Memorise Statistics of all KI Roller coasters

Alternate Roller Coaster Desktop Backrounds each day

Have 12 out 19 bookmarks relating to Coasters

Draw Vortex's layout in you're notebook at school

Ride A box down the stairs to simulate Son of Beast

Check the mail every day for the next ACE News Now magazine

Spend the entire day Posting on Fan Sites (tee hee!)

Sugest taking you're girlfriend to KI even though you know she hates roller coasters

Can name every roller coaster at Kings Island in order of when they were built.

Yes, to anyone who's interested, I do all of those (except the girlfriend one! ;) )

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Is there anyone the originator of the post or the KI Central staff can change the topic name to "KI addict"?

C'mon now Chef. You know me! I am the creator of the topic and a staff member.

You Might be a KI addict if you... can't stand a topic having the P in KI!

Captain Nemo,

Thank you for changing the topic. I am a KI Addict, but I am also a stickler for accuracy. So much so that I am working on an article tonight with some conflict. The Restaurateur that I interviewed today for my article is not a native speaker of English and he is a very nice guy with a very nice family. Neither he nor any of his relatives have the King's grammar. My heart tells me to alter their quotes to correct their grammar. But the AP Stylebook tells me that I am not supposed to do it. Hence, I must follow my professional ethics and not my heart.

Anyway, thanks for changing the post to make it more accurate.

Best regards,

Italian Chef

PS - You might be a KI Addict if you are bragging to your four-year old son that kiddie coasters are less than a month away. :lol:

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