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You might be a KI addict if you...

Captain Nemo

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You might be a PKI addict if you... if you wake up yelling clear at an invisible PA with your thumb in the air! rolleyes.gif

Guilty of that one!

You may be a PKI addict if you: work there and have some weird dreams involving the never-ending gondola/coaster barcheck.

You may be a PKI addict if you: call your favorite ride your "baby". (stolen from drew's quiz)

You may be a PKI addict if you: pay attention to every single advertisement about the park to see if they mention your favorite ride, or if they portrayed the park in the way you wanted them to.

You may be a PKI addict if you: go by your own phrase- "April showers bring shorter lines", and instead of thinking about flowers and springtime, you are too focused on getting your gold pass processed ASAP.

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