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You might be a KI addict if you...

Captain Nemo

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You might be a pki addict if you...

-have been to PKI at least 3 times a week all summer

-you have become an official groupie in one of the shows

-been to fearfest amost every saturday

-about to start crying from the thought that KI is closing for the season

-really sad that its not going to be owned by paramounts anymore = [

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You might be a PKI Addict:

**If you have rode every single ride in the park - well not Delirium YET

**Go to Fear Fest almost every operating day - only missed TWO

**Your favorite ride ever is Vortex and have been on it so many times that once got dizzy and nearly

passed out yet still wanted back on

**You are 50 years old and STILL find PKI the best value for your money!!

**Take your grandchildren so that they can also appreciate the wonderful fun to be had!

**Find you get along better with people in this forum who also appreciate the fun

**People your own age just shake their heads at your love for an amusement park and the FEAR FEST addiction that is well known and noted!!

**Hey I grew up at Disneyland in California what more can I say??

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You might be a pki addict if you... If you ask where are the Smurfs?

Since I have been out of state I am not sure-whatever happened to Carl? And Karen, sorry I have not replied to your email-I have not been able to access my mail at home for a week now, and it is chancy at work. When I get this issue resolved, I will reply...................

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You might be a PKI addict if you...

Go to PKI at least once a month.. every month and you don't work there!

People call or text you asking questions about the park when they're at the park and you're not!

You've seen the shows enough to know who the normal cast is, and who has switched parts.

When you have a comment about the park, you skip GR and just call the person in charge directly.

You have some information that you're dying to give your users, but you can't yet!

You're at the park so often your mom thinks you work there.

You're greeted by a Stricker family member as, "One of those boys from Kings Island that's here to break my flying scooters."

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