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Kings Island, Ohio - In 2004, Paramount's Kings Island will introduce the largest water park in the area, Boomerang Bay. Inspired by Australia's breathtaking Gold Coast, the new "Down-Under" resort area creates an exciting new world of exotic exploration that encompasses more than 50 water activities, including: 30 water slides; tropical lagoons; rushing rivers; surfable waves; three family activity areas and careening waterfalls, all surrounded by lush landscaping.

Boomerang Bay represents another multi-million dollar investment in the park. It incorporates many of Paramount's Kings Island's current innovative water attractions along with 15 new elements including eight new slides.

New signature attractions include:

Jackaroo Landing -A gigantic family water fortress that incorporates a variety of whimsical water elements such as water cannons, tipping tanks and three new family slides.

New Racing Challenge - A 54-foot high racing challenge with four competing slides on which guests start face-first in different directions and merge for a downhill dash to the finish line.

Tasmanian Typhoon - A monstrous slide that plummets four riders in a cloverleaf-like raft almost 269-feet in complete darkness. Riders free-fall at daring speeds into a huge funnel that rockets the raft up and down careening out of control. The raft then slowly descends through the opening of the funnel, ending the white-water journey.

Kookaburra Bay - Complementing the thrill and excitement of Boomerang Bay's exhilarating slides is a secluded mammoth lagoon with cascading waterfalls.

Parents will be delighted to beat the summer heat while utilizing the lagoon's distinctively designed in-water lounging.

Five-star Amenities in Boomerang Bay include:

Lounge chair-side waiter service

Lush landscaping


Full bar facilities

Family changing rooms

Smoke-free environment

Secluded shade-covered areas

Free use of inner-tubes

"If you crave innovative water adventures, or if you simply prefer to relax and be pampered all day, the new Boomerang Bay has something for everyone," explained Craig M. Ross, Paramount's Kings Island's executive vice president and general manager. "We are excited to offer resort-like amenities in a new world-class environment. Boomerang Bay is destined to be one of America's most outstanding water parks.

"There are more surprises in store for 2004, with additional exciting announcements to follow in the months ahead," Ross added.

Admission to Boomerang Bay is free with admission to Paramount's Kings Island. Park Season Pass holders are also admitted free.

Read about more information at PKI.com


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Stay tuned to the opening of PKI Central for a more in depth look at Boomerang Bay including more descriptions and even an interview! Also thanks goes out to PKIlvr for bringing this information to us first.

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I wonder if that ride will actualy go fast enough to go in the kind of upsidedown part.

At first I didn't think it would, I thought it just might ride high and bank back and forth for a while but by further looking at the pic it looks like the raft they show (Small, I missed it at first) could have gone all the way around. Still, hard to tell just by a CG pic. <_<

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Neither can I. "Pardon me bar tender I'll have a glass of red wine, shaken not stirred."

- Secret Agent Italian Chef


Charles, we SO have to hit the bottle at the Aussie Bar and then ride the Tazmania Typhoon. Imagine that while you're drunk! Are you in? :D

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