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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

Annoying habits of guests

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I was once told that a $7.00 per hour job position at KI costs $14,000 dollars roughly per year to maintain. Security gets paid more than $7.00 per hour so not to say that it's a bad idea, but I pretty sure that in terms of where positions should be added, its probably pretty low on the list. I think the park would rather get steady greeters for all the rides before hand.

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Regarding overweight people wearing things they shouldn't-blame THAT on the designers & manufacturers. I have always said that certain things (especially spandex and leather) should come with both age AND weight limits! I have ranged from a size 2 to a size 12, so I can say this without feeling like a hypocrite.

Also-maybe KI should be stop giving away those #$@^% basketballs! Obviously most of the people who win them are not mature enough to handle their balls in an appropriate manner LOL

My biggest peeves are (in no particular order)

1-Guys bullying their kids/significant others to get on rides they don't want to ride. If someone in your group dopesn't want to ride something, respect their wishes and stop acting like an a$$ about it.

2-Line jumpers.

3-The "Death Rumors".

4-I am a smoker and I respect the wishes of non-smokers by not lighting up around them. But if you are a non-smoker in a desiognated smoking area-don't complain about me polluting your air.

5-People who feel the need to eat every bit of junk food available in the park then complain after a ride that they don't feel so good.

Just my opinions-take 'em or leave 'em :P

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I was at the park a few weeks ago and we were on Congo Falls and a girl wasn't tall enough and the parent flipped out yelling "SHE RODE THIS JUST 5 MINUTES AGO!" The ride op was like "Then why isn't she wet?" And then the woman flipped out yelling about how Kings Island was retarded... I hate when parents think the ride ops won't check a childs height...

I as well hate those basketballs and the people who try to start rumors about a certain ride.

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Well I've only experienced this once so far but it was the only time I've rode it this year. On Shake Rattle and Roll there's several height distinctions where in a certain range, shorter children have to ride with an adult. Well two groups in front of me had the exact same problem. There were 3 people, one adult with 2 children that feel within this range. So it took several minutes for both of them to understand what the ride-op was saying, realize they had to make a decision, and then choose which kid would stand and wait (so the parent rode with one kid and then the next cycle would ride with the other child). I can't understand why parents disregard the signs out front where it shows the height restriction just to cause everyone else in line an extra wait because they can't comprehend the situation.

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I really hate it when people swear on roller coasters. There are children around sometimes, who haven't heard those words before, and they might repeat them, causing their parents to look bad, and then the parents will try and find someone else to blame it on, instead of accepting the fact that they have to punish their child, because they don't want to look worse by punishing the child, even though that makes them look good, and blaming it on someone/thing else makes them look like immature people.

In fact, forget just that situation. I just hate it when parents feel that they can do that alltogether. They lie, and blame things on others, when they should just accept responsabilaty.

Parents like that aren't adults. They are just people who have lived for an amount of years that happens to be more than 18, with growing out of that age's mindset.

Hence the "MY CHILD RODE THIS 5 TIMES TODAY!" posts.

Another thing that reallllllly gets me is when people play the *male private part* game in the FOF line.

Also, I hate when people sitting in the rails in lines, and instead of walking they slide down the rail, sliding their butts (hard) over other hands on the rails. That's just inconsiderate.

Also, what's gonna happen when they fall backwards and hit their head on the cement ground?


1. Cracked head-High hospital bill-lawsuit from parents discribed above

2. dented skull-see parts 2 and 3 for choice number one

3. INSTANT DEATH- part 3 of choice number one-funeral-loss of loved one.

vl2-is angry at stupid guests

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My number one pet peeve is people smoking in line or in the non-smoking areas. :angry:

I really don't have a problem with PG-13 level cussing. However, you should always take a look around you before you say something that could offend a parent. I do have a problem when people can't make it through a sentence without dropping the f-bomb 5 times, though.

I have major problems with couples who make out in public. They are equally as disgusting as the fat women in bikinis or spandex.

I am a woman on the heavy side and I would never think of wearing spandex or a bikini in public (I don't want to see that much of anyone either!) but it isn't any worse than the hairy-backed men in tank tops. Someone could mistake them for a giant stuffed gorilla and take them home as a game prize!

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The most annoying thing to me is while in line those couples who are doing things that should be done in the privacy of there own homes. I was in line for Firehawk last Saturday and there were three couples all of which had to be 16 or younger all over each other. I think everyone in line around us had felt the same way as us because they were all yelling get a room. One lady even yelled at them. Don't get me wrong I think some PDA is acceptable (Holding Hands, a peck here and there), but plain out making out and groping its kind of gross to watch, also kind of hard not to watch when they are right in front of you.

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True story. I saw a wizened old woman pour a large Coke over the heads of two younguns doing that once.....

Happened in a line up at Great Adventure...where else. The boy looked like he was gonig to kill the thug he figured had done to it them...when he saw who it was, he started laughing hysterically, and the rest of us breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. This was about 7 or 8 years ago...I imagine they ended up having to go home...I wouldn't want to be Coke soaked in a park that has more than a few bees, wasps, yellowjackets and hornets! Not to mention, what a sticky mess! Pause and refresh, indeed!

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People who spit in the queues.

People who bounce those #$%& basketballs, hit me with one and I'll throw it into The Vortex ravine.

People who don't pay attention when the line is moving, and there is 50 feet of space in front of them. Stop making out with your flavor of the week, and WALK.

Groups of people who stop at the ride entrance and debate if they want to ride or not, and then get mad because I walked in front of them into the queue.

People who loudly shout totally false information about a ride.

Lazy slobs who throw trash on the ground. There are trash cans everywhere, have some manners and respect.

People who walk eight deep and block the entire midway. MOVE, or I'm pushing through.

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Line Jumpers. Jesus Christ what makes you think you don't have to wait in line?

Smokers in Non Smoking Areas. You know what I respect that youre a smoker whether I like it or not but come on, find somewhere else besides my personal space to blow your smoke please.

Those Basketballs. Need I say more?

Groups who take up the entire midway. Look, if you don't move I'm going to plow through you!

Lazy crews. I swear to god it took the Zephyr's crew 15 minutes to load the ride and get it running. And it's not just Zephyr, they'll text, they'll chat with people in line, they'll talk to the other restraint checkers so much they forget they just checked the restraint and they'll do it again, and you spend more time waiting to go then you do on the ride!

People Who knowingly give out false information about a ride to scare people. You know what guys if the ride isn't scary enough already you have to pass of the classic "Someone Died on this ride"?

And People who just in general act like they have no respect for others or the enviornment.

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Beast fan, how exactly is that? The only time this would be true was if some one at the front missed getting on the train before it boarded. There is no extra time spent in line if someone in a queue doesn't move for a minute, it just means that when they do move you're going to move a lot.

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^ I'm stating how they will stand in the line without moving and then realize a while after that they had been holding up the line. Of course, the line would move up alot, I just don't like the fact that I'm waiting longer than I should to get closer to the ride. I admit my post was a bit of an exaggeration, I just can't stand people who do it.

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