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Enchanted Voyage.


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No, it was odd that Kentucky Kingdom premiered the HB motion film in the north, the week before the park that once featured HB but no longer did did....

I remember I got to ride the original HB motion film at universal studios before it went defunct. It featured a very elaborate movie in the line that provided a clear back story and all the animations were actually made for the room the ride was in. When Kentucky Kingdom had the movie it lacked alot of that and i was very disappointed (mainly because i was so young i didn't know it was a different park even), while action theatre's version played the enchanted voyage song which i liked better than the original que line at universal! just shows how a younger generation can appreciate something in a completly different way.

Also Carowinds had the enchanted voyage song in their HB motion que! I know this because my cousin told me when i rode the one at K.I and she knew the song having never been to k.i and being the same age as me.

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I have the mp3 from when KIasylum fan page existed, as other posts said. I don't have much of the other music, but I may be able to access cached pages from Google. Anyways give me a few moments and I'll figure out what my 4shared login is and upload it and post link.

Enchanted Voyage


Nickelodeon Parade Song(just once through, not the 25 minute version)



Most of the PKItunes(maybe all)



I always liked the Adams Family music they did, in the movie memorabilia garden by cars on the track and flower clock. That song was Christmas Song/Main Theme available on the Paramount's Greatest Movie Themes cd or something of that title.

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