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A couple of weeks ago, the PKIC crew decided to make the scene at the debut of the Happy Days Diner at PKI. This renovation of Preston T. Tucker's has been pleasing to everyone, from ankle-biters to people who actually lived in the 1950s.

If you would just cast an eyeball here, you can see a video of the amazing debut of Happy Days Diner featuring Mrs. C of Happy Days. We think you'll enjoy it like crazy, man. So click the link above to see the latest flick by your friends here a PKIC!

Later gator,


Yeah, so I tried to write this in 50s lingo and it turned out cheesy... at least it made me do some research. biggrin.gif

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The video was cool. I really liked the part where you started playing the Happy Days theme song, and then you cut to a view of The Vortex going thru the lat part of the boomarang. Great Job!

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I take it you love The Vortex just judging by your name and ur Avatar.

Yes I do like The Vortex alot. My first ride was in 1987 and I was only 7 years old. I will never forget that ride. But that is not the reason I said I liked how he went to a view of it going thru the boomarang. I just thought it was interesting, and it was a nice way of doing it.

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