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It's that time of year again


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To all who aren't familiar with my quiz of PKI, click here.This quiz is two years old and was updated last year around this time. I don't think there need to be any changes made but if someone could verify that they up-to-date I would appreciate it.

I am also planning on creating another 25-Question PKI Quiz. I'm accepting any ideas as to what to put on it, especially if someone has a good bit of trivia that is not terribly hard. I probably will not make it until after my first visit (as a guest) to the park this season.

Thanks and hope to see all of you SOON!

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20.) Who the hell is Maestro?


Don't let Chef hear you say that...

Maestro (RIP) was the head ghoul in Phantom Theater. He rocked!

23 out of 25. The old "Rock Stop" thing got me again. And 7th Portal, 007, whatever, I know there's a 7 in it. The only shows I've seen in AT are Spongebob and the Elvira one.

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I guessed on at least three and got them right lol. Most of them were pretty simple and obvious, but the ones that go way back before I even knew of PKI I missed.

missed #'s:5,8,9,11,17,20,22,24

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I got one question wrong because of an inaccuracy in what was said to be the correct answer to a question. It was the one that said the Dodgem's opened in 1986 with Zepher and Skylab. That's wrong. The Dodgems were there with the park in 1972. They were relocated from where they had previously been in 1986, but the Dodgems have been a staple since the park opened.

Overall a good quiz, fun to take.

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