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Alright just saw the movie on tv and, without tryint to spoil anything for people who havn't seen it nor do i want that either but, how close is the show to the movie if not any similarities?

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I'm not entirely certain of this, but the take that I got from the show was that the actors in it were graduates of the School of Rock. They make references to how Mr. Schneeble wouldn't approve of different things (although that's not his real name in the movie), and they clearly weren't in school at the time. I think they had strayed from their roots and the show was about Rock and Roll winning them back.

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Okay, I work on the show School of Rock, and here are my thoughts on who they are:

First off, I never even thought they could be graduates of the school. That's a very interesting (and maybe true) idea. I guess I should have asked the director when he was here. Now we'll never know.

My thoughts are this:

I think they just took themes from the movie and put the show together with that. (Keep in mind I haven't seen the movie, I just know the basic idea).

A) I think the cast of the show is just what the show says, a theme park band. They work in a park, similar to what the actual actors in the show are doing, to make money and play their "rock music" which in the show is a watered down version of real rock. (That is until Roger comes into the picture) The problem however is the fact of having to conform to "the man" known as theme park management, Doris and the people above her. In the movie, the students have to deal with "the man" (the principal).

B) The kids in the movie are "saved" from "the man" when they get a substitute teacher (Jack Black) just like the theme park performers are saved by "the man" when the substitute guitar player comes to teach them it's okay to rock again.

C) Here is where I'm not all the way sure about, but... Florence from the show (the costumer) appears to be like the child that sings at the end of the movie. From what I'm gathering, it looks like the girl in the movie didn't like to sing in front of other people, just like Florence didn't want to sing at first, but then proves to really be a good singer.

D) The principal from the movie is just like Doris, the stage manager. The are both very strict at the beginning, but after Roger and Jack Black's character do their magic, they a lot more easy going. The principal gets it from Jack Black's character in the movie, while Doris gets it from Roger(who I've already listed the similarities between). The principal and Doris both have a similarity of loving the song "White Winged Dove", which is what brings them back to past days. The principal then proceeds to sing and dance in the middle of the restaurant, and Doris to do her thing in the show.

I think that about does it on what I've come up with. I use a lot of " and (), so sorry about that.

Just an FYI for everyone, the second performance on Sunday will be our 100th performance of the season.

Also, be sure to check out the Nickelodeon Celebration Parade opening next Saturday, July 2nd and running everyday at 5:00 until Sunday, August 14th.

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