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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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My family went to PKI today and we rode a ton of rides. First we started the day by walking on FOF twice. Then We went and walked on SOB twice. After that we went over to Adventure Express that we walked right on. My family then walked over and walked riht on to Vortex. And then we went to Spongebob. After that we had our longest wait of the day. A 30 minute wait for TR: TR but was it worth it. Next we went to have some chik - fil - a. After that we went into the Eiffell Tower. Then we walked onto Top Gun. After that we walked right on over to SOB and walked onto it. By walking on i mean we waited 1 or maybe 2 trains. Then we left. We arrived at 10:00 and left at 1:30 and rode all of those rides. So the final count for the day was.



Adventure Express- 1



Top Gun-1

And for the year.


Adventure Express:2

The Racer F+B:0




Beast:1 <------- Pretty Disapointed that ive only riden it once


Top Gun:1

Drop Zone:0 <------- Disapointed that i havent ridden that.


Delerium:0 censored.gif

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yeah, ijst was down it looked like when i was there, the water park was packed!

I also went to the park today and rode the IJST 3 times. Also the coaster went down 3 times and before I left not all the effects where working so it looks like the staff has somethings to fix.

I will post some pictures from a link when I get them back on Friday.

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In my experience it is best to start with Rivertown and work around the opposite way. Everyone starts in Action Zone - so if you do that too you will be following the crowd around. Start with IJST and TRTR and get FOF in the morning as those all get mega-lines.

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How can you not ride The Beast!  jerry.gif

cause all the trims hurt my neck. It should be ran with no trims!

Beast's magnetic brakes hurt your neck but the other coasters don't? Umm...

Pretty sure if the ride was RUN without trims, it probably wouldn't be there anymore.

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