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Dry Run Day

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I would like to say first of all the park was packed. As soon as I got to the park I headed towards the back where I got on the first train with people and sitting in the front car for its 25th year. The sound effects were there but that is nothing to great. The rest of the ride ran usual cept the helix. The park did a great job retracking it and is now really smooth. Then we headed over to Tomb Raider. The line was only out to the cave but was a half hour cause they were only lettting people on the middle row of the ride. (there was no ride program change.) Next we head to Deliruim for a full que wait and it was the worst ride wait I have had thanks to some punks who yelled the hole time in line. Next was to Dropzone which was a hour wait or so and it got new black seats. Then to Top Gun with a 15 minute wait. Then I went to Sling Shot and saw ryan there and waved to him and rode Adverture Express. I then ran into him again some where I forget and unfortanlly we didnt get to ride a ride with him due to a power surge that broke almost everything in the park. We then split up and walked to FOF about four times to see if it was open and it of course it was not. We Walked around and around soon the rides started to come alive. So I went on AE one more time and then went in line for my final ride Face/Off the wait was only ten minutes or so when the ride op comes on "We are experienceing techal problems. Then everyone got out of line and I went home.

Overall I rate this trip a D+ because lines were long and rides were broken down but that is expected on the first day. I see good things to come this season. :D

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Sounds like.. a decent time. Power surges suck!! Lets just hope nothing fried during the surge.. could make for one bad year (I remember when Drop Zone was closed forever and a day a few years back.)

Can't wait to get my passes this year, and go to the park! Although I was hired down there, I decided it probably wasn't worth the hour drive to work every day... not to mention, I was hired in food, and I told myself I would never work in food again after working 2+ years in it.

Anyway, great report! Nice to see some new reports, as the season draws nearer!

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I feel sorry for you if you think those lines were long. I've known them to be longer. The lines were actually short, and considering a normal Saturday has more than double the attendance we had on Saturday the lines are much longer.

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