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Cedar Point rides


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Ride them all. You will have plenty of time to. Word of advice, ride from the back of the park to the front. Raptor and other rides in the front half of the park will have long waits early in the day. But in evening, the lines will be much lighter. Take use of the freeway passes on TTD and MF. Don't use them on WT b/c it never has much of a wait.

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What about magam and mantis ?????

In terms of how long the wait is? Ride Magnum in the morning and it should be a walk-on (along with all of the rides in the back of the park). Ride Mantis whenever b/c I think it always pretty much has a long wait b/c the loading times stinks.

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What about magam and mantisĀ  ?????

Magnum typically doesn't have long lines as already stated, but in my opinion don't even waste your time riding Mantis. I hate Mantis and all stand up coasters, they are all extremly uncomfortable and very painful; it's not a surpize a stand up coaster hasn't been built in over 6 years. Make sure not to miss Gemini though. The gem of the park that many people don't even think about because it's older. It is in my opinion some of the best fun to be had on any coaster at Cedar Point and it is my favorite arrow coaster of all time.

I'd also say skip Disaster Transport if your squeezed for time. It is super short and slow and typically has long lines that you can't see because they are hidden in the building. It also gets my award for cheesiest themeing on any ride I've ever seen. Iron Dragon is another one that can be missed, but never has lines so it doesn't hurt to ride it, same thing can be said for corkscrew, although the corkscrews over the midway are cool. I'd also say Cedar Creek Mine Ride is another hit or miss, I'd only ride it with short lines, don't wait in long lines which it can on rare occasions get.

Make sure to hit Wildcat, it's small and old and another that many would skip but its a nice little mouse coaster. Also make sure to hit Blue Streak; it's not that great of a coaster but its the best wooden in the park and is kind of hidden so many people skip it.

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^I actually enjoyed Mantis. I would say ride it if they wait is no longer than 20, otherwise skip it. Or if you want, ride it. I think it is worth the wait, but obviously not everyone does.

By the way, you won't be able to use the freeway passes b/c they have permanently removed them due to bugdet cuts.

What a sad time when CP has to make bugdet cuts and removes the best free thing there.

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^^It's not that Mantis is bad for a stand up, it's much more comfortable than King Cobra ever was, it's just that I hate all stand ups because I find them very painful on my legs and they often cause cramps and all sorts of pain unless your in them perfectly which is sometimes hard to achieve when the ride ops adjust your seat.

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Okay, here's the scoop.


1. TTD--It's big, fast and scary. Yes, it's short. But it's also the biggest rush in the world.

2. Raptor--Possibly the most fun roller coaster ever. Truly unique and always fun.

3. Millenium Force: Fast, and that first drop is quite a doozy.

4. Magnum: Still a fun, fast ride. Don't miss it. . . because, much like The Vortex, it's sinking!

5. Power Tower: Dropping from this is the scariest, coolest thing in the world.


1. Wicked Twister: Sit in the back of the train because you'll get the best airtime.

2. Mantis: Yeah, it's uncomfortable. But the loops give awesome airtime.

3. Maxxair: Yes, it's a Delerium-clone. But, honestly, it's location near the lake is much more scenic.

4. Gemini: You'll be able to enjoy a short line and a fun wooden coaster.

5. Blue Streak: airtime on this is still surprisingly fun

6. Demon Drop: For nostalgia's sake, since it will soon be gone


1. Mean Streak: And you thought the SOB was one mean, um, SOB

2. Iron Dragon: Makes Top Gun look like Flight of Fear

3. Cedar Creek Mine Ride: Only for those terrified by The Beastie

4. Disaster Transport: This indoor coaster is the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

Have fun!

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