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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

new ride suggestions

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Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

What Big Coaster Event is at PKI Next Year?

What Will Be The Signature Attraction For This Event?

Answers... Coaster Con XXX

Answer to the second we dont know, but we can assume that IJ:ST or NU will not be the signature attraction.

We can only agree then that 07 will be the next big, non family ride for PKI.

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Here are some upcoming big movie titles that could become the next big thing at PKI. The Best of HollyWood Entertainment.

The Brazilian Job : Stunt Track Sequel to IJ:ST



Captain America

Mighty Mouse

Indaina Jones 4

I think we can all agree these movies will be big and they would also translate well to a big action thrill ride at PKI.

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I'd like to see a coaster with plenty of airtime and mostly hills. It seems almost every coaster coming out lately is mostly banked turns, hills that turn, etc. It doesn't matter if its steel or wooden. When you have hill after hill after hill and you get that nice floater going over the top of each crest, thats just divine! With the terrain around the park, why not build another coaster in the back where all the hills are and run it up and down, this would give all kinds of unexpected drops, with some being longer than others, oh, and have the first drop be a double-drop, that would be awesome.

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We must have a Mr Brutus Maximus (pe'ahi) for the water park, generates a 12 foot wave.

That you can launch off a 15 foot . A.R.S sliping back into the pit and charging back across the face snapping a giant tail snap rooster fan. pumping up for the finaly el rollo pop shuvit. CAN YOU DIG IT Shaka! Hoale's biggrin.gif

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It's been done.

It's called Kingda Ka.

Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey.

Great ride, and about as reliable as Dragster, even less so at first.

I think you've seen the last of those types of big coasters....

THe last type of those big coasters? laugh.gif that is what everyone said when TTD came out. There will be plenty more parks stupid enough to build them.

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I didn't say the last of big coasters...I said the last of THOSE KIND of big coasters.

I don't think any park in the US will be buying a 400 foot plus rocket coaster from INTAMIN for a very, very long time....

Roller Coaster Corporation of America had similar problems with their big wood coasters, and no one in the US ever bought another after Son of Beast...

(Well, you opened the door! ) wink.gif

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Yes. But there is a prime difference between RCCA and Intamin. Intamin has a wide range of products. Heck even their rocket coasters can still be sold. Just look at what Alton Towers did with Rita. Sure, that ride is not the tallest, longest or fastest, but it still looks like a ride that would appeal to a wide demographic and be a fun ride.

RCCA had the problem of only specializing in wood coasters. After the SoB debacle, their reputation was pretty muched marred. They didn`t have another product to rely on like Intamin has.

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Well, there's a park in New Jersey that hopes to find out an answer to that question very, very soon...


And remember, SOB was SUPPOSED to have been built with a type of engineered wood, and with soft urethane type wheels...and then the typical budget cuts seem to have visited...

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huh.gif Ooooh, that brought up a scary thought: What if a tornado hit while riding on Vortex/Beast/FoF/AE/TG/F/O or SOB? (Off Topic) Or, maybe not off-topic 'cause that'd make a cool Action FX feature! I know 'Twister' was a Warner Bros. flick, but a tornado-hits-active-coaster attraction would be, well, kinda neato!

...I need coffee. 99th post! cool.gif

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