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According to the podcast for thrillnetwork, rumor has it the land previously occupied by White Water Landing is going to be the home of another roller coaster @ CP in 2007.

No details as of yet, but if it's true I wonder which records (if any) they will try to break this time.

I guess if it's going to be a big one, construction will have to begin by this summer. Has anyone else heard anything?

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According to the podcast...

According to Screamscape.com...

According to the Capt. Screamscape is very unreliable.

How is the reliability of Thrillnetwork? He didn’t say anything about Screamscape.

Looking at CP’s track record it wouldn’t be far fetched for them to put in a big coaster. They like to break records with big coasters, not “family coastersâ€Â. This family would really like to see a new big coaster come to Ohio. We are in need of a new one!

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It may be dueling fliers or it may be a small kiddie rollercoaster. The problem that so many people have is it seems they build up so much speculation about something that when they find out what it actually is they're dissapointed. It's like the speculation for what pki is getting next year, if it doesn't end up being 10,000 feet long and 700 feet tall someone's going to be dissapointed because people see a small hole in the ground and equate that to the footer for whatever.

I'm not saying I wouldn't love to see dueling fliers because I think that would be amazing but I'm definetly not getting my hopes up. I remember this summer there was a crane by white water landing and people began saying it was for some new massive coaster, it ended up they were just removing boats from the ride or something of that nature.

And if CP is getting a new coaster what I really would like to see is a nice wooden coaster because gosh knows they really need a new wood coaster.

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