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Question?....to ride operators


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A troika is a guest who needs to be dealt iwth by security, when we call over the raidoes and say "we need a troika taken care of" security comes, usually armed with tazers and billy clubs to haul away a troublesome guest.

What? Oh.....uhm wait......

A troika is the name of a flat ride built by Huss. Huss troika's are in many parks all over the United States, Kings Island's Huss troika is called Shake Rattle and Roll. So when someone refers to Troika they are referring to Shake Rattle and Roll.

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Troika or Shake, Rattle, and roll whatecer you may call it is one of the best flats the park has ever had. Except for the flyers! biggrin.gif

My pick between the flyers and shake rattle and roll had to go to the flyers... that ride was amazing, snapping the cables all day and scaring little kids... ahh so many memories on that.

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The Troika ride at PKI was built in 1975, and was originally called TROIKA. Then it got changed to Shake, Rattle and Roll. Whatever it is called - it is definately the best flat ride in the park - since the Flyers were removed... Like I said above - I could ride it all day! biggrin.gif

Right now its run by The Vortex crew. So I am lucky to work both of my favorite rides. But it used to be run by The Beast Crew. So at one time they ran The Beast and both of the best flat rides in the park!

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