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What will you do ?


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I am coming down on april 13th. I will be in mason till tuesday april 18th. I

plan on attending all four days. After kneeling down and kissing the ground-i will

take my first ride on The Beast for 2006 and then over to nick universe. Then just

work my way around the park and have a great time. I already my hotel

reservation made. Have a great day.

Tom smile.gif

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The RingMaster's Itinerary:

-First things first, say howdy to me fellow Ecology buddies and supervisors/managers at "The Cage."

-Make a run for The Beast, then ride it.

-Check to see if Tomb Raider has a line already (most likely it won't), then ride it.

-Grab my Combat Stupendous camera-look-a-like and head to Nick Universe.

-Get some stock footage of the new area, then race towards Avatar, and ride it.

-Run back to Phantom Flyers, then ride it.

-Stare at grown men screaming like babies on Plankton's Plunge.

By then it should be 12:30, 1:00, so I'll head over to Oscar's and get a quick lunch. Then I'll go tackle Action Zone (Delirium first) and make my way to Coney Mall (Racer first).

.....of course, this is IF I don't have to work Opening Day. unsure.gif

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Ive never had an opening day experience, does it tend to be incredibly crowded?

When i went in to get my ID the dude said they had me down to work from April 1st?

If im not working on Opening Day ill probly go visit wink.gif Pay my Respects to Tomb Raider biggrin.gif and hit up FoF, after ill just chill and loaf around all day, somewhere near Action Zone. (Face Off)


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On 4/14, I'll most likely ride The Beast first thing as part of the ACE walkback (yes, it will be back), though I plan to leave at 11am or earlier, to head off to St. Louis to see baseball in the new Busch Stadium and go to Six Flags St. Louis that weekend.

NOTE: To do the ACE walkback, you must meet at the old "Season Pass Entrance," located between Season Pass Processing/Sales and Group Sales. You MUST have your ACE membership card to participate.

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