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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

A Universe in The Making

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So about 3 weeks ago PKI and Ace held their Winter SOAR event that featured a construction tour and dinner reception prior to the tour in the international restauraunt. The event was open to the public and many members from this site, including myself, attended. For those who didnt go you missed a tour of the ocnstruction of Nick Universe, a tour of all the rides in rehab and their storage at the picnic grove and some great guest speakers at the dinner reception. PKIC was there to cover event with pictures and video. I used some footage that Dane, Ryan, and myself aqquired and made a video for PKIC from the winter SOAR event, however due to everyones computer problems it hasnt been able to get up on to PKIC yet. So I put it on putfile today for all of you to enjoy. So without further adue...I present to you: A Universe in the Making: PKICentral coverage of the winter SOAR dinner and construction tour.

PKICentral......offering the best coverage of PKI on the internet....second to none!

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Haha, Nice.

I'm in it! Whoot!

You shoula left the part in with RingMaster where you found you both had the same cams...

Yeah, he should have. tongue.gif

hahaha I do have that clip in my video folder sitting on my desktop....


Apparently thats a very popular camera these days, not only did Ringmaster also have it, but about 4-6 other people I saw there have it. When I worked for Best Buy it sold really quickly and this past weekend when I went to see The Hills Have Eyes (great horror flick btw) I noticed (dont worry theres no spoilers) that at the beginning when the gas pumper is going through the bag of valuables that the miners dropped off that a Sony DCR-HC21 is in there laugh.gif . I love that camera though, just wish it had an external mic attachment. Thanks to Ryan for recoomending it to me. I know zosobeast on this site also uses it.

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Hey all, I'm still recovering from a motherboard crash, sorry I couldn't get the video up in time, or my pictures from the recent walkaround.

I like the last bit of footage, "Or is it?"

Great Job!

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Very nice video, I see you have been sprucing up your Windows Movie Maker skills. Hmm, the last clip boggles me... I wonder if that movie is going to be made. cool.gif

I sure have, in fact I've sprung up my skills so much that i learned how to click and drag wmm to the recycle bin......using Pinnacle Studio Plus now. Its so nice to not have any annoying restraints when working.

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