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Just thought I'd let you all know that I called into Gary Burbank's show on 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati) today and I asked a question about PKI during the segment called "Sports or Consequences". It's a trivia part of the show and they always have a theme each day. Today's was Cincinnati Landmarks. I asked how KI convinced John Allen to design The Racer. I stumped them and won a prize. Thought you might want to know. (BTW I'm not sure which forum is the proper one to put this in, so if a mod decides to move it I won't be offended.)

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How did KI (the folks at Taft) convince John Allen to design it?

Have a great weekend!

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Well, they were at an IAAPA convention in Chicago around 1970 or so when they caught word that the great John Allen was there. They found out that he was at a local bar, so they went and found him. When asked to design their twin racing coasters for the new park, he declined claiming his retirement, so they bought him drink after drink after drink until he agreed to it... good story, eh? :D

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John Allen designed over 7 coasters after The Racer was built.

Comet Funway Amusement Park, 1973

Great American Scream Machine Six Flags Over Georgia, 1973

Scooby-Doo's Ghoster Coaster Paramount's Kings Dominion, 1974

Rebel Yell Paramount's Kings Dominion, 1975

Screamin' Eagle Six Flags St. Louis, 1976

Skyliner Lakemont Park, 1987

Swamp Fox Family Kingdom Amusement Park, 1992

He has designed well over 20 coasters in his career.

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