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Nights of Fire

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Take the volume of fire in the sky with WEBN and reduce it by about 2/5

WEBN last for 25-30 minutes, PKI will probably last about 10 Minutes this year.

That is how *I* would compare it.

Its basically 3x what they shoot every night, in about 3 locations of the park.

Just an opinion.

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Even if there is a Nights of Fire (and I bet there will be), the budget may or may not be the same as in years past. By then, the new owner may have been identified, and might even have a say in how the park is run. Or not.

And could be a bigger even than before.

Could be a big unveiling party?!?!

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supplies and materials for NOF this year have probably already been purchased months ago. The Enquirer interview with a PKI rep already made mention of the NOF 4-day run.

My question is.... will they be shooting pyrotechnics off the sides of the tower this year? My wife and I saw pictures of that on their ads from years past...... and waited and waited and waited for the "money shot".............. and it never came!

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Yes, Maureen Kaiser confirmed in the Cincinnati Post article that Nights of Fire will be back this year. The reason they did not shoot fireworks off the side of the tower last July is because they just repainted the tower last April. Fire and paint= burn marks. But, they did have fireworks off the top of the tower for WinterFest, so maybe they will have some launch off the tower this year.

PKI`s Nights of Fire is one of the bigger Fourth of July displays in the Cincinnati area, or at least it has been in past years. (PKI uses Rozzi`s Famous Fireworks.) However, Rozzi`s flagship event is RiverFest in downtown Cincinnati every labor day. There is nothing like being down on the river with half a million other people to watch a thirty minute firework show! And then deal with rush hour type traffic at 9:30 on a Sunday night!

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Nights of Fire, as of now, will happen for 4 nights, July 1,2,3,4 since the 4th is after the weekend they figured they would start it on the weekend. If you're not sure if they'll happen, there's a sign in the park on one of the windows next to It's Fried, where the bowling game was last year. It has all the info.

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