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*UPDATED!* New For 2006: Nickelodeon Universe!

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After a long and difficult offseason, Paramount's Kings Island has returned in full force! Not only do you get to return to some of your favorite rides and attractions, but the kids can enjoy Nickelodeon Universe, the new and improved kids area!

This opening day update includes:

  • Nickelodeon Universe up and alive for the first time!
  • The special character breakfast with some of the most popular Nickelodeon characters.
  • General park improvements and things you may notice different from last year.
  • Signage from the Funtastic World of Hanna-Barberra.
  • ...and of course, general shots of our wonderful park awake once again for the season!
Click here to see our latest photos.

Dane: Please excuse our mess in the gallery. We will be making our own conversion from HB to NU. I am also upgrading the Photo Gallery Engine to produce faster browsing and better quality images. Also some new colors!

Bill: **UPDATE** Just added 18 more pics that features NEW Spongebob theming as well as the "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" Meet and Greet that the park held yesterday! Check them out right here!! Watch for the NU Video coming soon!

Dane: Bills Nick Universe video is now up and ready for download in the Video Showcase!

Bill: **UPDATE** Added a few more pics from 4/23/06. This update features the "Blue's Skidoo" and "La Adventura de Azul" NU rides that just opened this weekend. Check out the pictures right here!



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Great pictures! As usual, you've captured the full look & feel so that those of us who won't make it to the park for a while can enjoy the experience smile.gif

One question...is the amphitheater that was added with "Splat City" now gone?

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Well they only had the Spongebob side open when i was at the park today. From 10:00 until 2 o`clock only the Spngebob side was open.

Yea I was there too at PKI today. At around 4:00 they closed Spongebob and opened Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera. Avatar on a scale 1-10 it was a 8. the Danny Phantoms Flyers where better to me. wink.gif

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The video was great, my question is what the coaster count in the park is now. I know we are not in the race for the most coasters in the world but I was just curious of what it might be now? I really don't pay any attention to that at all but just a thought... dry.gif

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Great job with the video Bill. As much as I love making movies and editing them I love watching others movies. I love the different camera angles you used while recording Avatar. The song is also a great choice. Great job. I have a feeling this is going to be a great year!

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The name of the song is "Funhop" by Todd Schietroma. I never heard the song before until I listened to the "Date Movie" soundtrack a couple months back. After the song played, I knew then and there that it would be the PERFECT NU theme song for my video.

Thanks for the nice comments.

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Update on the status of Nick Universe. Both Blue`s Skidoo and La Aventura de Azul were open today. Blue`s Skidoo features blue and pink cars that look like Blue and ... (I don`t know of a pink dog on that show as I have never watched it). Also, La Aventura de Azul had TWO and only two trains so far running. They ARE NOT the same train cars that they had on the ride in years past but all new cars.

The Nick Go Round still only has horses on the outside row (hopefully they will be adding horses to the inside row as well, otherwise they reduced that rides capacity in half). They add some Nick characters above the rounding boards, but it appeared as if they were not finished adding them.

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Just wanted to let everyone know that new pics taken on 4/23/06 are now available to view in the gallery. This update features the "Blue's Skidoo" and "La Adventura de Azul" NU rides that just opened this weekend. Check out the pictures right here.

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