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*UPDATED!* New For 2006: Nickelodeon Universe!

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I ate lunch at a restaurant at Northlake Mall here in Atlanta. In the parking lot was a carnival and I almost peed my pants!

They had every new Zamperella ride that they installed in NU (Except Avatar was a bit smaller.)

Could not believe it.

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Thanks for the pic CoastersRZ wink.gif The Nick-O-Round looks great! Too bad the Nick Universe is on based on only 5 or 10 of Nickelodeon's shows (more than half of which are Nick Jr.) which leaves out alot considering Nickelodeon's vast library of cartoons.

The Nick-O-Round only has the characters that make up the Nick Universe, as if we hadn't already seen enough of them, instead of mixing it up and putting a variety of characters from all the shows (not all from the same Nick Jr.).

I wish Nick Universe, and the Nick-O-Round would've had all (if not most) of the Nicktoons represented in one way or another (poster, wooden cutout, randomly placed object, or something in the Nick Store)!

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