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Whats your favorite ride and why


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I would have to go with Flight of Fear, Delirium or The Beast.

Flight of Fear-The speed and the G-force it puts you under along with the dimness of the room.

Delirum-The sense of floating and swinging at 76mph.

The Beast-The speed and it beats you up a little and the duration of it.

And Avatar is what your likin' why LilNik41?That has no explanation of your favorite ride except for that it's what your likin' now reading your post has made everybody who veiwed this forum dumber.

^see I spelled "VEIWED" wrong and I'm not editing it^

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Face/Off. I love the backwards and forwards feeling, two totally different expierences. The cobra roll is very fun. Plus, i love rides where your legs dangle. Vortex is a close 2nd. that first hill is awesome!

Favorite flat ride: Delerium.

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