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Cedar Fair Purchases Paramount Parks!

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Good suggestion, Terp. This was a very interesting thread to read. I remember hearing about the KD FOF rumor (it actually closed at one point) and I also remember hearing about the removal of Frenzoid (Carowinds' inverting ship, now called Southern Star). However, back then I didn't quite grasp the fact these were part of an overall ride rotation strategy.

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Soon be ten years.

So much of the speculation here was right--so much very wrong.

Nick U and Geauga Lake Park long gone, X-Flight moved to KI, the true Flights of Fear story, the Stealth saga....so much info in one thread.

Yep. Worth reading.

We need that Shaggy guy to post in the Kentucky Kingdom thread...


I cant believe its almost ten years since Cedar Fair has owned Kings Island, even though I grew up with the Paramount era, Cedar Fair has done a great job with maintaining the park. Though a lot of predictions were wrong, great thread bump though!  

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