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Pepsi at kings island

Guest faceoff

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Does it really matter whether Kings Island serves Coke or Pepsi? Will anyone stop going if Kings Island switches brands? I don't think so.

Have a great day!

Italian Chef


Good point. I guess it's not a big deal.

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What's Coke to Go?

Anyways I'd rather have Coke at the park it is so much better. But even if they do serve Pepsi next year it won't be that big of a deal, because I don't think anyone goes to the park just to get their favorite kind of pop.

So no matter which they choose it won't be a big deal.

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Yeah. Pepsi is served at Coney, and likely won`t be leaving Coney anytime soon (they are the sponsors of the Pepsi Python). I would prefer if Coke stays, but if they do get rid of it, I will drink Pepsi the few and far times that I actually buy a drink at the park.

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