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5-22 Gold Pass Day


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Trip Report May 22 2004, Boomerang Bay Gold Pass Preview Day!

We got to the park at about 3:50 PM, and the parking lots were PACKED! There was a long backup on Kings Island Drive trying to get into the toll booths! We finally got in, and went into the Boomerang Bay/Deep South parking lot, which was also packed. After getting a lucky spot 3 rows from the entrance, we went up to the Gold Pass entrance, which has been nicely redone, with new paint, permanent metal detector installations and canopy, and a large Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay sign, attached to a (approprietly) boomerang-shaped post. We got in, and dodged two Keyhole Photo people, where there is now a booth to get photos as well, with computer screens to display photos, and a bank of printers.

PKI done good! It looks a million times better, or more, than the old concrete slab, errrr, WaterWorks hehe. With all kind of new landscaping, planters, and the AWESOME new colors!

First new ride to see is Kookaburra Bay Lagoon. While it is smaller than it appeared in the marketing material, it is still pretty darn cool! Complete with waterfalls, it has lounge chairs in the water and around the outside.

Next up, walking over toward the wave pool. The sand volleyball is not in yet! Hopefully it will be in by the official opening day on the 29th. Other than that, the former no-mans-land area between ends of the park is looking great! Massive amounts of concrete has been replaced by landscaping and planters, and over by the wave pool, the chair area is divided from the main walkways by large floral layouts, with entrances between them. On either side of the wave pool, there are Dasani Cabana Villages on each side, with 10 cabanas per side. They are restricted areas, requiring a separate fee to use.

Over on the other side, toward Tasmanian Typhoon, the concrete space has been broken up with large areas of tall reed grass, which provides some nice shade.


This ride is massive! It looms over the rest of that end of the park, and there is an observation bridge right in front of the massive funnel, close enough to get splashed when the rafts enter the funnel. Walking around the back of the ride down the exit path, I finally got a real look at the conveyor belt that returns rafts to the top. The employees push empty rafts into the base, and the belt grabs it out of the pool and carries it to the top.

Walking back out, I went down toward the old end of the park, still taking massive amounts of photos of the park. By the Coolangatta Racers finish slide, there were two women smoking OUTSIDE OF THE DESIGNATED AREA! I went to find an employee, but I turned around and saw one already talking to them, so I headed on past the train station.

Not much is different over here, except for new landscaping and signage on the slides. So I wandered around while drinking some sugar water with a lemon in it, (PKI's version of lemonade :lol: ), from one of the roving carts. I took a few photos over in the old section, then went back toward the train to meet my parents, stopping to change my camera batteries on the way. (Stupid digital camera is only half the size of a floppy disk, but it eats batteries up in 20 minutes!)

After fetching my parents, we went to the train and waited for it to get back. I was going to let them ride the train and I was going to walk, but it was just too darn hot! So the train got back and we boarded.

The train is running FULL today! Hardly any empty SEATS, let alone rows!

We got to the main park, and went toward Hanna-Barbera Land to get food, and on the way I went down WWC's exit to take pictures.

WWC's line is well OUTSIDE the entrance sign! And it is SO HOT AND HUMID down the exit too! I finally got to Tower 3, and took about 10 pictures around the area, then my mom called and I went over to Magilla Gorilla's Grill.

I got there, ate a cheese sandwich and spicy curly fries, then went off toward Action Zone to ride Days Of Thunder.

At Days Of Thunder, My parents inseist on watching because of my incident last time (dang), so I got my driver's ticket and headed to the station, where there was actually a short line. 3 races later, I got on in the lead car. After watching three previous races, I knew to expect trouble, as the races before mine were stopped more often than not, either with a car that quit running, or idiots doing horseplay. Well, they instructed us to drive out of the pit SLOWLY in a single file line, so we did, then I and all the other drivers floored it and off we went!

Well, less than two laps into the rwce, we all had to stop because some jerk rammed another car and turned it sideways into the wall, so that got straighted out, and racing resumed. Then, next lap, happened again! For the rest of the race, I stayed to the outside away from them idiots and had to stop twice more for the idiots to get told off and turned back around. Thay had obviously seen the line in Days Of Thunder where Harry Hogge said "No, he didn't slam you he didnt bump you he didnt nudge you, he RUBBED you, and rubbing, son, is racing!", So I stayed away and finished the race.

Well, I pulled into the pit in 4th place, And I just sat there minding my own business, waiting for the other row to dispatch so I could get out of there. (We were parked in the Waterpark lot, and the waterpark closed in less than half an hour, we had to go back out that way to avoid walking across the entire parking lot from the main entrance.) Then, All of a sudden, WHAM! The same jerk who kept causing wrecks during the race slammed into the car behind me, which then hit me, and whammed all the cars in front of me sideways!

That jerk! I now have a seriuos headache! If I had seen him get off,I woulda kicked his ass! but he got lost in the crowd, so I just met my parents again and headed back toward Rivertown to get on the train.

We got to the train and boarded the LAST ONE to leave prior to the waterpark closing! We got there, unloaded, and headed out into the lot, and home! Overall a FANTASTIC, but very hot, day!

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