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What's Your Top 5 Rides

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Well since this is Top 5, and you did not say it had to be at Kings Island...

5) "Nitro" at Six Flags Great Adventure

Nothing says speed and airtime like this! Although I have been on it only once, it was a memory I will not ever soon forget. The 23 stories of steel sure do add some speed, especially with the great design of the trains. This coaster once you see it was made to give you as much free space for your upper body as possible. A simple lap bar gave me as much room to put my hands up and ride this piece of work. What really stood out when riding it was the amount of airtime the bunny hills gave. And again, those lap bars made you feel the airtime. Great ride, Great fun, but does not add up to my next favorite on the list, The...

4) "Son of Beast" at Kings Island

No matter what people say, no matter what happens to this ride... It will always stay on my favorite list. Now I will admit that this ride is for those more extreme coaster enthusiasts, this is a wood that is the prime example to when a woody is pushed to its limit... and I like it! The layout is simple, the thrill is amazing. What makes this ride different is that the ride really begins when you leave the station, kind of like its saying "...And this is just a 50 foot drop, you aint seen nothing yet". The chain lift just adds to the excitement, it reminds you you’re on a wooden. The pre-drop is a wonderful tease to get the thrill going. And then there is the drop. The double helix packs a punch but I can handle it. The loop, well for havens sake, IT'S A LOOP!!! ON A WOODIE!!! But no loop on a wood coaster no matter how cool it may be adds up to the next supreme coaster...

3) "Superman: Ride of Steel" at Six Flags America

I know, I know, I know... how many Superman coasters can there be?!? If I had to make a choice on one Superman coaster it would be this superhero coaster. It's a bland design hyper I will admit but then again, I was surprised that it is really only the lift that is the only part of the ride that soars up high. Most of the coaster stays low to the ground, only two partly high hills. When I reached the top of the lift you look down and see something that really looks freaky, a tight banked turn to the right then a hill. A Turn at the bottom of a 190 foot drop? The high speed helixes were a great G puller. And no ride on this is complete without riding in the front. But alas, if you thought a turn at the bottom of that drop was twisted, you have to meet my next runner up. The very twister rollercoaster named...

2) "Roar" at Six Flags America

Located just across the park from "Ride of Steel", lies my Favorite wood ever. Roar, just the sound of it makes you feel like it's a pure wooden coaster classic.

"Roar" is a coaster that many seem to not know much about, some have not even heard of it. It's a ride that does not get the recognition it should get. A pure classic roller coaster, it may not be the fastest, longest, in this case not hold any records but dang who said making a record breaking coaster made it good? Wood is everywhere on this ride and you do not escape that head chopping feeling. Did I mention the 200+ tunnel? So this is a coaster that has wood everywhere. Now what ride do you get when there is steel everywhere? You get...

1) "Millennium Force" at Cedar Point

For goodness sakes IT'S FREKKEN MILLENIUM FORCE!!!

That is all! biggrin.gif

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5 all time favorites

1. The Racer

2. The Beast

3. The Vortex

4. The Bayern Curve (I really loved this as a kid)

5. The Beastie (also - brings back memories and still enjoy today)

Honorable Mention

The log flumes - big and little

Whitewater Canyon

The Antique Cars

The Tumble Bug

The original wild mouse type coaster that I can't seem to remember the name of

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1)The Beast (Just awesome)

2)Face Off (The Drop)

3)Outer Limits (The launch)

4)The Racer (Airtime)

5)Vortex (First drop)


1)Millenium Force (Amazing)

2)The Beast

3)Magnum XL 200 (Airtime)

4)Borg Assimalator (Flying)

5)Top Thrill Dragster (Adrenaline Rush)

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5.Superman...Six Flags Great America

4.The Beast (at night)...Kings Island

3.Millenium Force...Cedar Point

2.Raptor/all the Batmans...CP & Six Flags

1.Hulk...Islands of Adventure


5.Viking Fury


3.Flight of Fear

2.Backwards Racer

1.The Beast

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