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Coming in 2007 for Universal Fla.The Simpsons Ride

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Screamscape has heard a juicy rumor!!! Anywho the Screamscape spy has spilled the beans that The Simpsons are coming to Universal Orlando to replace the back to the future ride makes sense to me since the simpsons movie is very hush hush seems like this project would be as well if I remember correctly the shrek ride was hush-hush as well...I hope this is true because I am a HUGE simpsons junkie!


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Why would Universal NBC want to theme  to a Fox movie?

One reason...It's Popular... besides it would be good for the park..shrek is a dreamworks film and they are now paramount.

No Shrek is still a dreamworks film. Paramount can sell the movie on DVD but thats about it.

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...actually, Paramount bought the live action studio part of Dreamworks (then immediately turned around and sold the film library), and has distribution rights for Dreamworks Animation films. Dreamworks Animation is still its own indpendent company.

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As I remember the original plan was that one of the "islands" in IOA was going to be the Simpsons. Universal was unable at the time to get a license its possible that Fox has changed their minds.

From what I have seen so far the plan is to reuse as much of the original building and ride as possible. The good is that this should be pretty cheap to change. The problem is that the Universal Orlando parks need more rides and shows. They need to worry more about adding then replacing existing attractions.

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UPDATE* 7/29/06

I just got some good news The Simpsons are coming to orlando I got a comformation and he says the Simpsons are coming but a lot of loyal BTTF fans are pi$$3d !

he also had this to say

one of the rides in the purposed Simpsons Island was a ride called "Otto-Mobile" which would have been a ride through Springfield on the bus with Otto. I can see a Simpsons ride through Springfield it would be like the game "Simpsons Road Rage".

There you have it the simpsons ride may be a crazy bus ride though Springfield..or maybe a crazy stroll with Dr.Frink.

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But I LOVE BttF!

U are not the only one. I cannot believe they are taking out BTTF to put in a Simpsons Ride. I am a Simpsons fan but i love BTTF all that much more. We should have made this into a poll, What is better,BTTF or The Simpsons? My vote goes to BTTF.

BTTF Part 1-Marty McFly,"You built a time machine out of a Delorion?!?!"

BTTF Part 2-Doc,"The time-traveling is just too dangerous. Better that I devote myself to study the other great mystery of the universe: women!"

BTTF Part 3-MArty McFly,"[upon arriving in 1885; sees Indians on horseback, galloping towards him] Indians!"

Ohhh man what a great movie and i have a ton of more quotes!

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"Krustiest Place on Earth" :lol:

Ok, so this ride cost $40M even though it's using an existing structure and a lot of the BTTF hardware? (I wonder if that's the total for both USH & USF?) Even so, with that kind of money, this should be one impressive simulator!

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