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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

Inatmin to build the worlds third 4d coaster!

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I havent seen this announced or discussed on here but apparently Intamin AG of Switzerland is building their first, and what is to be the worlds third 4th dimension coaster. The first being X at SFMM built by Arrow Dynamics, the second at Nagashima Spa Land built by Arrow purchasher S&S power. Intamin AG unveiled a prototype 4d coaster one time that held riders however this seems to be their first large scale one. They are calling it an Intamin "Zac Spin". The coaster will be 1 minute long, go 37 miles per hour, will be 465 feet long, and 83 feet tall. The coaster is set to open up at Linnanmäki in Helinski Finland in 2007 and is being called "Kirnu".

Heres the rcdb info: Kirnu (Linnanmaki) RCDB page.

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Interesting that Intamin seems to have joined the 4th Dimension game. I didn't see this listed on the Intamin Worldwide web site combat. Are there any concept drawings anywhere? I am assumiing that this is different from the one being installed at Port Aventura where the coaster appears to be 4D with the exception of the seats not rotating.

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Based upon the incredibly short length of this coaster, I would imagine this is the fruition of Intamin's Ball coaster, which is similar to Interactive Ride's Frequent Faller. On the Arrow 4th Dimension, the rotation of the seats is controlled by an extra set of rails on the track, but on the Intamin Ball coaster, the seats are able to rotate freely.

There are pictures of the prototype of this concept on a German roller coaster website, but I am unable to remember what it is right now.

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^I know what website your talking about but cant remember it for the life of me! According to RCDB the one at Port Adventura is not considered to be 4d, and that this is to be a different model. I checked out the press release and the links from rcdb and couldnt find any conceptual art or drawings.

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Maybe they'll have a contest to let twins ride first.  How about Conan O'Brien and Tarja Halonen (Finlan's female President)?

Aren't they like two berries? laugh.gif

The one at Port Aventura is more of a floorless type coaster. The seats do not flip - they are just out to the side.

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