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Six Flags Shapiro Receives Raise?

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In what should be considered a strange and idiotic move by Six Flags, Mark Shapiro will receive a raise next year. Thats right the company is still struggling, yet I guess since they aren't bankrupt yet, he will get a raise of 30% next year. So now he will make $1.3 million in salary and could be entitled to a bonus of $2.6 million. The company lost $110 million last year, but hey that sounds like good buisness to me. So I guess in the amusement biz, selling off parks, declining attendances, slashing entertainment budgets, and eating cockroaches is a successful year.

Congratulations Mr. Shapiro, you are running a ship that is sinking faster than the Titantic, yet you still managed to get a raise. Im censored.gif happy for you.

Heres a link to the article that discusses his Raise. SixFlags CEO Gets Raise???

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Yup, funny the Redskins stink to high heaven and they just keep throwing more and more money in to that team. Not really fixing the problem. Same can be said with SixFlags. Throwing more money at your CEO really doesnt seem to solve the problem.

Just wondering how much longer SixFlags will be able to limp along, before someone or something puts the company out of its misery. Well atleast Mr. Shapiro is making money off of SixFlags, because nobody else is, especially the stock holders...

Garbage in Garbage out

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