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Best Coaster Element Ever Experienced

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Ok so we are in the dead of the offseasson, boredom has set in for some, others have found different hobbies during this non coaster ridding time.

Myself I have been working on my tan on Survivor Island and thinking about the best coaster element I have ever experienced.

Here are just a few of the runners up.

The Loop on SoB -> A truly graceful element during the beating of your life, the world goes calm

The Launch on Incredible Hulk -> Ever been in an F-15 at takeoff, this is pretty close

The Near Miss Loops on Duelling Dragons -> Geesh that other train sure does get close. I lost a foot.

The Launch of Dragster -> Mind numbing, bug splattering, pedal to the metal.

The Scarabs and Launch on Mummy -> Dead ends and bugs then the turntable, very cool yet not...

The Upward Spike Launch on Mr. Freeze -> Seriously gravity should have kicked in by now...

So whats my favorite element?

The Winner

The Centerfuge on Texas Titan at Six Flags Over Texas

This element is a high speed upward spiral that pulls insane g's, rips the tears from your eyes, and pins you to the seat the entire trip. This is the most intense element I have ever experienced and no wonder there are stories of riders blacking out on Titan. I have experienced tunnel vision on this element many a time and only on this element. Sheer Intensity and nothing more.

Im curious as to what everyone elses favortie coaster element is.

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I would have to say that I have a few favorites.

The First Drop on Kentucky Rumbler-> It takes you back to a simple time. You have speed, plus you have insane lat's and who doesn't love that classic Aero Plane drop?

The JoJo Roll on Hydra-> It is so slow, yet so awesome.

The Immelman on Talon-> I just LOVE immelmans and I think that Talon has the best.

The Floater hills on Millennium Force-> Who doesn't like a crap ton of air time?

But the winner has to be...

The First, 310ft drop on Millennium Force-> What can I say, it speaks for itself. It is just unbelievable

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Ringmaster, I have to agree. The final corkscrew on FoF is amazing. I love it, everytime it catches me off guard. I love all the inversions on Raptor as well, and Batman at the SF outside Chicago(Forgot the name).

I don't know why (well, it is a B&M) but I love everything about Raging Bull. It's just AMAZING to me. We rode it 10 times the day my high schools band was there. 9 out of 10 trips, we either rode in the very front, or the very back of it. The other time we rode in the row in front of the back, because other band students wanted to ride in the back.

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The El Toro crossover over Rolling Thunder. YEE HA! Or should I say, Ole! Ole!

The entire final third of Voyage...the ending of Voyage is far superior to the ending of El Toro, I must admit!

The launch of Kingda Ka. Makes Top Thrill Dragster feel very weak by comparison.

The helixes of Beast. Probably the only elements of the ride that have not suffered over the years. There is one and only one Beast, and the helixes are what do it for me. Other than Nitro and Beast, I have yet to find a helix I actually like. The upward helix on Nitro works for me, but it can't hold a candle to Beast's helixes.

The zero gravity roll on Kumba...the only one on any B and M that actually makes me go WOW, every time.

And the one element to me that has been the biggest disappointment? Shivering Timbers' trick track. Couldn't WAIT to ride it. Talk about IS THAT ALL THERE IS? Seemed and seems more like a tracking mistake than an element..at least to me.

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#10-First drop on Superman Six Flags Darien Lake

#9-Loop on SOB

#8-Last drop on Big Bad Wolf

#7-Launch on TTD

#6-Loops on Nessie

#5-Final Corkscrew on FOF.

#4-First drop on The Vortex

#3-First Drop On Milly

#2-Launch on Incredible Hulk

#1-Helix on The Beast

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1st Drop of Raptor, its just fun!

Launch of Wicked Twister with the Countdown (accurate or not)

The Zero-G Roll of Raptor... oh yes!

Bunny Hills on Magnum!!

1st drop on Voyage!! and OMG Triple Down!!

Speed on Top Gun... the low segments... like the one really close to SOB

Double Up on Legend

The grace on Raven

the Mountian Drop on Tennessee Tornado

the 1st drop through 2nd drop of Thunderhead!!

Millennium Backseat, 1st drop!!!!!!!

Low Twists on Mantis!!

Hand-Slapping on Gemini

Spiral on Dragster

Whats the absolute most favorite?

Ok, not my OMFG-WTF-BBQ Favorite, but I would say the Zero-G on Raptor.... OH WOW.

then I would select the intense bunny hills of Magnum XL 200

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On FOF, there is (what I will call) a "dip" just prior to the end of the ride. I don't know if this is what you all were speaking about when you said "final corkscrew" (I can't tell if it's a corkscrew) but the feeling (to me) is that the train goes down while you're going up - and then the ride levels off and stops.

Please enlighten me on this element.

The other favorite, no longer in existance, was the last small hill on The Racer at PKI. The possible head remover got me every time!

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