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200 new photos from Beastbuzz

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After a long but extreamly fun day at Beastbuzz. Dane and I have come back to share with you their 200 photos of Beastbuzz, as well as hundreds of new photos in our mega update! This brings our total photos to 836 and counting! Photos include The Beast and Son of Beast walkback, and Wild Animal Safari remains, and other Beastbuzz related events, as well as hundreds of other park photos.

Click here to check out the photos! Or go Park Info>Photos>Beastbuzz '04!

Click here for our latest park photo update.


Dane: It's 5 in the morning and I just completed my photos. Enjoy!

Edited by BoddaH1994

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Nice photos Dane and Ryan, it looks like Beast Buzz was a load of fun. Dane, you got the best picture of King Cobra out of all the ones I have seen from Beast Buzz so kudos on that. :ph34r:

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