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Something's Happening at Fort Cooper!

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For that matter, raccoons do in the Adventure Express station. It is one of their favourite places to go...

I remember when I had to throw the trash into the dumptster behind the River Town Pizza that I had to make lots of noise to void being bitten by all of the racoons that were there. At that time of night, they were all there and was really funny watching the older racoons chase the younger racoons away and making them wait their turns at eating food out of the dumpster. :D


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I will never forget that flight. It was a last minute "what the heck lets go on a quick flight" kind of day. So imagine my surprise when I got to the park and saw the work at the now Firehawk site!

I knew this was big because at the time I took these photos no word from the park on any new attraction had been made and these photos basically were a goldmine! That day I shared this information with Ryan and Dane (the KIC admins), and we had a long discussion on what the hell we do with these photos. This site has a strong relationship with the park and we did not want to tarnish that and post unreleased information. We ended up speaking with Maureen (the PR for the park at that time) and she was very generous to allow us to post the photos, but of course we had to be extremely careful with how we published the photos, thus the "Action at Fort Cooper" was coined. The team here at (PKIC) were happy with the amount of attention the news got and It honestly worked out very well for the park and the site.



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