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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

Something's Happening at Fort Cooper!

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Attention all PKICentral.com readers! We have received word that there has been a extremely large crop circle made just to the right of Fort Cooper! This is no ordinary crop circle (not that there are ordinary crop circles) but a crop circle that has been leveling trees! Officials have no word on what has caused this massive clearing nor why it is there. Stay tuned in to PKICentral for the developing story.

Oh yes, lets not forget the pictures thanks to Captain Nemo... here.

-Dane - PKICentral.com Summer might be gone but the fun has just begun.

The images and information expressed in this PKICentral.com update have been cleared by the park for release to the public.

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I will never forget that flight. It was a last minute "what the heck lets go on a quick flight" kind of day. So imagine my surprise when I got to the park and saw the work at the now Firehawk site! I

Shout out to The Interpreter for making me re-read my posts from '06 after a significant absence from these boards. Truly a humbling experience. Ha. Thanks.

Also, here's the updated URL to the images... http://KICentral.com/photos/thumbnails.php?album=177

I don't have to long, they are after me.

Fort Cooper is a Government restricted site. I was making my regular flight when a strange noise came over the radio. The noise got louder and more strange as I came closer to... Kings Island. I only had a while to realize what was really going on. Then again I am unsure what I saw. What I saw up there... I can never explane. It was... Something else.

...I have to now end this post, the government may trace this IP address so I must find another Computer.

Good Luck my friends.

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And in response to the Ft. Cooper question. Ft. Cooper is the name of the fictitious military base that the Hanger is supposed to reside at. There is actually a sign that says Ft. Cooper in the grass, just past the photo booth when leaving the ride area. The name Cooper comes from a former Paramount Park CEO, Jane Cooper.

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