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Cedar Point--$7500 In Loose Change Donated To Soup Kitchen

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$7,500 Of Loose Change Found Underneath Coasters At Cedar Point

POSTED: 10:53 am EST December 19, 2006

UPDATED: 11:25 am EST December 19, 2006

SANDUSKY, Ohio [AP] -- Anyone who has been on Cedar Point's roller coasters knows they can produce a lot of loose change. But what happens to that money? Cedar Point employees collect and turn in the loose change found underneath the rides, on the midway or in the park's fountains to the loose change fund. The amusement park said that this year employees collected about $7,500 and will donate it to a soup kitchen in Sandusky. The park has donated more than $170,000 from the loose change fund to charity since 1988.

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I`d imagine that the coinage was collected as part of the clean up procedure for the rides. So while there likely are some costs involved with collecting the coins, I`d assume that most of the cost is part of normal clean up at the parks.

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