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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

Coaster Track Spotted at Kings Island!

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IPB Image

anyone seeing anything missing?

Lets see Leaves from the trees, hey you know there use to be more trees there. I remember the time when that was very heavily wooded.

Wow I cant believe they were able to tear Great Wolf Lodge down that quick.

Another tremendous post on your part. Thanks for adding to the forum.

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whens last time we had pictures from birds eye view....

When is the last time you rented a plane and a pilot and took pictures of your own? every thred you have something to whine about. Do something for yourself for once, and quite depending on mommy. I would go on, but you are not worth it. good bye.

P.S. : you can see the top of the helix from the parking lot, just not from that angle. Man people start using your head and think before you post. You have more blond moments than any one on here!!! O.K. now I am done..........I think.

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Heres a thought about the transportation of X-Flight Track.

If you notice in the pictures the trucks are only able to carry 2 pieces of track per flatbed. How many pieces of track are there? Thats going to be a lot of trips from GL to KI to transport all that track.

Also the trip is roughly 230 miles one way, making a round trip is 460 miles. With disel prices and the number of trucks required or the number of trips requires that aint going to be cheap moving X-Flight from GL to KI.

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Well, I would have to think that this is going to be in this park for certain. Otherwise they would not be willing to present this track in the parking lot without tarps or any attempt to cover it up. I guess that this means the announcement mentioned on the CedarFair website is coming a lot sooner than I thought. MAYBE



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^Correct the announcement will be February 3rd. Tycoonrebel, you and I have the same source....see ya in april!

Yup, Isn't it amazing that we have the same source. :rolleyes: But does this mean the associates will find out about the ride before the GP or will the "OFFICIAL" public announcment still be on the 26th? :huh:

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