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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

New For 2007! Kings Island Presents Firehawk!

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i wonder if they'll erect the ride and paint it or if they'll paint the part individually and i know for a fact it is too cold to paint the ride parts right now. I exspect to see some major theming to go along with this ride. A great queve would be awesome

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Looks like the screens are back in the Festhaus! YAY!!! -Hauntguy

They did bring back at least one of the screens for September and October weekends when they were showing college football and NFL games. A couple of the flat screens used in the Paramount Theatre were also moved to Festhaus.

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Hey there!! You're right..... We are using video from Stealth/BORG. The reasoning behind that is simple. We did not have enough time to have video made for Firehawk, and my friends to the north didn't have anything we could use. Soooo.....this provides an idea of what the ride will be like to those who are not enthusiasts or have not ridden the ride before. Like any video we've had (IJ, Boomerang Bay, etc) there is room for change but the general idea will be the same!

Get excited!!

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"It has been how many years since KI has built on previously undeveloped land?"

Not that many. Boomerang Bay used undeveloped land to the left of the wave pool.

Here's a Post article that sheds a bit more light as well as has a construction pic. Kudos to Connie, you can always count on her to be the first to get info out there. (She loves KI.)


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Oh yes!!! I cannot wait till more info is released and there are construction pics of it. I cant wait to get up there and try it out. With the dual loading staion i think it will raise the hourly capacity significally. Man this is awesome. Kings Island at its finest.

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Miss Maureen (can't say that too much longer!):

I am old. I've been to virtually every park in the country. Not much excites me any more. But I have to say, I, for one, am very excited about this grand new addition to Kings Island. All the changes I have seen so far point towards perhaps the best season in the history of Kings Island.

And I must say, you have done a fantastic job of promoting this great new addition!

Kings Island...flying high in 2007!

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Vekoma Flyer....Been there......Done that.....

I'm more excited about Mystery Mine, Griffon, Maverick and Renegade.

See ya NEXT summer.

Well, then look at the Maverick construction site. They've posted pull-through pictures, and although they are dated Jan. 24, I could've sworn they weren't there earlier today.

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