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Geauga Lake?

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yeah, but where is Steel Venom going?

The only thing that is known is that it is going to be moved to another park and put into storage. No one has a clue where its going to be stored at or if thats where its going to be installed or not. My guess is that its going to be stored at Kings Island since there are already a large number of trucks heading there from Geauga Lake and the park has plenty of room to store it. But that will not mean its going to end up at Kings Island. My guess is thats its going to be installed somewhere for 2008 so it does not really matter much at the moment.

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I heard from a writer of GOCC magazine that Steel Venom is going to Dorney Park in PA for 08' and that they have installed power lines for it.

Reliable? Though with the recent rumors that something's going on at Dorney...? I can't say -- never been to Dorney, so...

And I doubt that Geauga Lake is going down the tube (slides)...in more than one way. They've got the water park, which is a huge asset, but I doubt they would just raze the rides side. Then again, that is just doubting. I'm not an official; all I can do is give my opinion. (I do believe there would be more than one person mad if they did raze it.)

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