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Favorite piece of Kings Island memorabilia


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I actually have 5 items in my collection that I must sell for $250 obo as my husband is on in the middle of filing for Workman's Comp and is on disability. I can email you pictures should anyone desire to purchase the collection. I will sell seperatly........I am tearing up just thinking about selling it - but I can buy some items back in the future.

The collection consists of 2 rectangle trays 1 in excellant condition one in fair(photo finish is crackled) 2 round trays and a set of olive/hor de vour forks.

Email me at MRSSIZEMORE01@AOL.COM I do accept PAYPAL for payment. Or Cash.

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Let's see, I have a 1980's era pennant with the Tower, Bat, Screamin' Demon & original Beast logos on it (those great logos inspired me to become a graphic designer), a small amount of original press/construction photos of The Beast & Bat, and original press release announcing 'A Unique Thrill Ride' called The Bat sent out by Ruth Voss. Showing my age a bit, I suppose. Recent additions are my Firehawk first rider t-shirt (which shrunk 2 sizes the first time I washed it), Diamondback & SOB snow globes and a 1972 grand opening 'I was there' button. Almost forgot, I have a 1980's era jersey with The Beast logo and bengal stripes on the sleeves. The pennant is probably my favorite though. It reminds me of the way the park used to be when I was a young kid...such a magical place to spend the summer months.

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I have the complete press/media announcement kit for "The Bat."

I also have one for most, if not all, the coasters up until Firehawk (They went viral with press kits when it opened.)

But The Bat remains the rarest, IMO.

I also own a Beast Operators manual from back when it operated with skid brakes.


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Just now got around to photographing some of my memorabilia I treasure. The first of which is something which I believe is very rare as I have not seen this anywhere else.




These are my Face/Off playing cards from the Paramount days. I believe I bought these in 2002 when KI was celebrating their 30th Anniversary Season.

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( ^I know how hard you work on that!)

Back in 1979 my parents bought me a pin that say "I RODE IT!" with The Beast logo on it. The fun part about that is I was only 5 years old at the time.

My dad stuffed napkins in my brothers shoes (what I thought was hilarious is that the napkins were from the laroses at KI) when he was four. He loved it, it took me another year to man up and do it, even though I was ten. Anyways, I thought this looked kind of close to what you described. :)


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