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Vortex Construction


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Indeed. In all my years around the park, I've never seen any of these pictures. Thanks very much!

It was awesome to see these pictures! Seeing Vortex built is actually one of my earliest memories of KI. We ended up going for a late season visit in September and they already had parts of the structure up. I was only 6 then, but amazingly it sticks out very vividly in my mind. I also remember being quite upset when I was about an inch to short to ride it the next season :-( I did manage to snag a ride on Screamin' Demon though, boy that was an experience!

- Todd

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^Uh oh i feel a groundbreaking experience just waiting to happen.

that was meant to be about king cobra, but dont worry there is still alot that i have not shown yet,

the photos i have are very old and have been in a basement for 8 years and some have water damage so i have been busy cleaning them up and trying to restore them

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^You are the man. I just want to say thanks for going to all this work to bring us Kings Island enthusiasts old pictures of our favorite park back when everyone thought Vortex and King Cobra were the best we were going to get. To that i say thanks! (Raise your glass and propose a toast to pkiridesmaint)

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