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Ok, the Nickelodeon Parade starts this Saturday. I haven't seen a lot of information come from the park, so I thought I'd give the important details here.

First of all, the Nickelodeon Parade will run from 7/17 through 8/15. The parade will start this Saturday at 5:00 and run through 5:30. I am not entirely certain that this will be the time that it's going to run every day, but it's definitely presumable.

The parade route is as follows:

Click here for the map

The parade route follows the dotted line (yeah yeah yeah... it's hard to see). Anyway, as you can see, it starts at The Beastie, travels through HBL, grazes International Street, and ends up in Rivertown near Tomb Raider.

Hope to see you guys there!


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According to Dane, the parade will NOT follow the route stated above. Apparently it has been changed to the following:

From The Racer acces gate, down Coney Mall towards the front of the park, through left turn at Basketballs to infront of the tower, than roars into Hanna Barberra, goes around in Nick Central to The Beasttie gate.

This has not been confirmed, so we'll just have to wait and see!

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krabs will never be in the parade. sorry!! the only "special" characters that we have for the parade are: squidward, suzie, and oswald. oh, and the giraffes and cupcakes (yeah, whatever... :rolleyes: ) all the other characters in the parade are permanent characters that have been here all year.

oh, interesting fact. hey arnold is a permanent character but he's not in the parade. ever. very confusing. :unsure:

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