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Route taken to the park?


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71N until I see the 1/3 size replica of the Eiffel Tower, then I'm done.

Browntggrr, I saw your perspective of the tower and DZ coming from the north for the first time last week. It's a totally different experience than coming from the south. From the south, you can see DZ and the Tower, next thing you know, you can see everything, while from the north, you see DZ and the tower WAY off in the distance, and then they disappear and reappear with the rest of the park.

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I leave my house in VA.. turn on to s.r. 826, then onto s.r. 612, then turn onto VA W58 all the way until I reach the Cumberland Gap Tunnel in Middlesboro KY. I follow North 25E all the way to Corbin, KY then turn onto North I-75. I drive all the way until I get to the I71/75 Interchange below Cincinnati, then I take I-275 East until I get to I-71.. then I stay on it till I reach the park. The whole trip is 5-6hrs.

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Eisenhower Expressway East towards downtown Chicago...

...to Dan Ryan Expressway South...

...to Chicago Skyway/Indiana Toll Road...

...to 65 South...through Indianapolis...

...to 74 East...to 275 North...to 71 North...to Kings Island Drive.

Sears Tower to Eiffel Tower = 320 miles/5 hours

Next year the kid gets to drive. :D

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I used to go by this old route through Ohio. Can't remember which way I came in, but the first thing I always saw was the Eiffel Tower from a distance. Now, the new way is quicker and it's just like your suddenly there. I do miss seeing the Eiffel Tower first thing. I knew when I saw the tower, we(my family) were there, and a great day was ahead of me.

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