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Opening Day TR JASPER

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Well we got to the park at about 10 o clock and we waited in line for at least 45 minutes to be parked. Our lane was the only one that was not moving. Finally after getting up to the parking housing we asked for preferred so we can get closer. Well we couldnt find it so we parked in Face/Off and walked right past preferred. Then we went to get my season pass prcessed but the line was backed up all the way to the road almost. We got in the park and first thing we did was go to The Beast. It was closed so we had to head to TR:TR. We waited about 5 minutes and got on. There was hardly any music or anything. The lava didnt even shoot up. After that The Beast was open so we went and got on it and it was backed up out of the station because they were putting trains on the track. After about 3 cycles each we finally got on. For the first time i saw our good friend here Ronny Salerno and talked to him, well not really he said hey and asked how i was doing and then i was like hey i know that guy. Anyways back to the story we came back into the station and the lapbars were acting up but The Beast crew worked fast and fixed the problem and they were very polite. Especially Ronny. We then went to IJST and rode it and went over to FOF which now has pretty much no light what-so-ever in the building and was an awesome ride. Skipped Racer because of the line and went to ride Delirium but it was down. So we went to get on Drop Zone, down. Top Gun had a long wait so we decided to go and get us a bowl of Skyline chili. We waited 45 minutes because some people didnt know how to work a cash register. Then we went up The Tower got a good look. Rode Face/Off and Delirium. Then hit Racers, Vortex, and FOF. I then got my pass processed in which i look queer in the icture but nevertheless.

The positive things i noticed was the cleanliness and the excellent satff on the rides. Even though the guy on TR:TR said Paramount when he was giving his spill. I dont know if i saw anybody but i was wearing a blue shirt with the number 30 on the back and Indians on the front with 2 of my friends.

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Well we tried to get out of the line but we were jammed in the middle line and there was no way we could get out. Hopefully that will just be a one time thing and they will have them up and working up to par next time.

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I dont know if i saw anybody but i was wearing a blue shirt with the number 30 on the back and Indians on the front with 2 of my friends.

If all three of you were wearing Indians shirts we were slightly behind you in that Skyline line. It was completely ridiculous to wait 45 minutes for a (cold) hot dog. But when they rang it up and WAY undercharged for six of us my daughter asked him to doublecheck and they told her keep it for the long wait, so at least it was really cheap. :)

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